Private Investor Services

Prudent Investor Team

  • A Client controlled structure
  • Prudent Investor Team = Client Decision Maker + Prudent Professional Consultant
  • Our Consultant’s role is to develop and maintain the Prudent Management Process
  • Utilizes our professional knowledge, institutional resources and research
  • Provides customized recommendations
  • Results in effective process management and explicit decision-making by the client each quarter

Prudent Management Process

  • A classic management process  applied to portfolio management
  • Our Prudent Management Process establishes disciplined, institutional-class planning, methodologies and risk management and includes ongoing, detailed performance evaluation of portfolio and professional managers
  • Active management of managers is based on sophisticated screening and objective quarterly evaluation of results
  • Expense management = potential impact on long term performance

Broad Diversification Process

  • Our unique “D3” Diversification Process expands upon Modern Portfolio Theory
  • “D3” yields customized, effective, very broad diversification and risk mitigation
  • Our client portfolios are uniquely diversified to 3 levels:
    • Asset Class
    • Management Style & Sub-Style (60+)
    • Individual Managers within each Sub-Style
  • We regularly analyze the performance of over 26,000 Mutual Funds and ETFs

Our unique approach results in educated and confident clients who participate as actively as they wish in the planning and management of their investment portfolio and their wealth.