Planning & Investment Management

  • Work closely with client to clarify their Lifetime Goals – pre-retirement and post-retirement
  • Help quantify their Lifetime Goals – determine the actual dollars needed to realize goals, now and in future
  • Develop the Investment Plan with client – specific, personalized and appropriate to achieve their Lifetime Goals
  • Implement and monitor the Investment Plan – client continues to make all decisions and maintains direct ownership of and control over investments, which are held in a custody account at a third party firm

General Wealth Management

  • Address client opportunities and/or problems relating to estate planning, asset protection, tax planning, etc.
  • Use creative and alternative structures to ensure effective and personalized solutions
  • Work closely with client’s tax, accounting and legal specialists and provide additional recommendations as appropriate
  • Assist with quantifying possible solutions/scenarios
  • Assist with assessing overall impact of possible solutions/scenarios
  • Assist with implementation of solutions if requested

Defined Benefit Plan Services

  • Focus is on professionals and small business owners generating more than $25,000 (pre-tax) in incremental wealth annually
  • Actuarial specialist firms prepare initial and on-going plan design and testing while Campbell Williams, Inc. assists with the initial cost/benefit analysis and investment goals and decisions
  • Assess the benefit of re-directing incremental wealth to a qualified portfolio to yield immediate and long-term  favorable tax results
  • Provide on-going advisory services to the Trustees of Defined Benefit retirement plans
  • Our experience shows custom tailored plans can have considerable impact on wealth accumulation