As our prospective client…

You may have many questions and concerns

  • “I don’t really have a financial plan for the short-term, medium- term or long-term.”
  • “Do I have enough wealth for my retirement?”
  • “I don’t really understand the stock markets or how to deal with their volatility.”
  • “I don’t really know enough about stocks and bonds to know how I should invest.”
  • “I don’t have a plan for the college expenses of my children.”

You may not be comfortable with the level of advice or decision-making you currently receive from your broker or advisor, if you have one.

  • “My advisor hasn’t really answered my concerns.”
  • “I haven’t heard from my broker for a while.”
  • “I suspect my broker is more concerned about his employer’s needs than mine.”
  • “I receive statements of my portfolio but they really only tell me ‘up’ and ‘down’ – nothing useful?”
  • “My banker asks for approval for things I do not understand.”

As your Investment Consultant…

We listen to your general and specific goals, problems, concerns and issues.

We work together with you to quantify and test different future financial scenarios or forecasts, including:

  • Pre-retirement savings and large expenses, retirement budgets and outflows, etc.
  • Best Case, Worst Case and and Most Reasonable scenarios (if appropriate)

You become an Institutional Class Investor, benefiting from:

  • A rigorous investment discipline
  • Advanced technologies and services
  • Detailed research on mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETF’s), and other managers, using measureables including performance, risk, diversification, expenses, holdings, manager details, etc.

You get the benefits of being an Institutional Class Investor without the billion dollars to invest and with everything customized to the level of detail you want.

By providing solutions to both planning and investing tasks, at the your desired level of complexity, we build a long term relationship and you gain a vision of the future which is clear and manageable.