Your Needs

Prospects who have business and/or investing experience typically would like an advisor with broad knowledge to:

  • Help document and quantify clear lifetime goals
  • Discuss and weigh, together, likely outcomes of multiple possible scenarios
  • Plan decisions in detail
  • Effectively execute the detailed plans
  • Monitor events and performance
  • Assist with making adjustments due to changes in economies, markets or personal circumstance

Prospects generally would like to control their level of participation in these processes and prefer a flexible approach by their advisor.

Our Solutions

We dedicate unlimited time and assistance to increasing your understanding of the detailed functioning of markets, economies and related topics, and to enhancing your  participation in the planning and strategic decision-making processes.

Use of a comprehensive forecasting model enables you to “try out” an unlimited number of scenarios, including varying rates of return, risk, savings and expenditure.

Regular discussions between you and our professional consultant concerning possible and probable events and trends in coming months and quarters help you:

  • Limit emotional responses
  • Decide on temporary adjustments to the portfolio or personal plans
  • Make permanent changes to the investment strategy or personal plans or both

Our goal is that you have real comfort with the proposed investment strategy and the flexibility of the process to enable adjustments to be made at any time – at your instigation or due to market conditions or our advice.