Your Needs

Prospects often feel ill-prepared to make sound strategic decisions regarding their financial future.  You are not sure who to turn to for advice.

The experience of our clients shows:

  • Assistance with detailed financial planning is  helpful
  • A better understanding of how markets work is essential
  • Improving your understanding of economics is valuable
  • There are techniques both for planning and investment management that address minor and major shifts in the markets – understanding these techniques and how they work is important

Our Solutions

We dedicate unlimited time, assistance and learning materials to advance your knowledge of the funda-mentals of markets, economies and other similar topics, and to increase your confident participation in the planning and strategic decision-making processes.

These are some of the things we do:

  • Review your current budgets and plans, improving as necessary
  • Discuss different markets and how managers actually work and invest – in simple terms
  • Help translate general life goals into numbers, trying out different possibilities
  • Use computer models to help determine if there is already enough wealth to be comfortable, or if additional savings are needed
  • Test scenarios with increasing or decreasing future spending (before and after retirement)
  • Estimate how much wealth will be available for your children, charities, estate, etc.
  • Finalize a forecast of your wealth with a specific Investment Strategy you like

We believe that knowledge overcomes fear and emotions and leads to a clearly understood strategy and the ability to make rational adjustments as needed.