Your Needs

Prospects often feel overwhelmed with their current situation:

  • You have little or no experience with budgeting, financial planning or investing
  • You are not sure what questions to ask or where to start

The experience of our clients shows:

  • Help with financial planning is a big relief!
  • A better understanding of how markets work is essential
  • Gaining a basic understanding of economics is valuable
  • There are techniques both for planning and investment management that address minor and major shifts in the markets – understanding these techniques and how they work is important

Our Solutions

We dedicate unlimited time, assistance and learning materials to ensure that you understand the fundamentals and can participate in the planning and strategic decision-making, using your common sense.

These are some of the things we do:

  • Begin with basic explanations of budgeting and investing (stocks vs bonds, etc.)
  • Discuss different markets and how managers actually work and invest – in simple terms
  • Help translate general life goals into numbers, trying out different possibilities
  • Help determine if there is already enough wealth to be comfortable, or if additional savings are needed
  • Test scenarios with increasing or decreasing future spending (before and after retirement)
  • Estimate how much wealth will be available for your children, charities, estate, etc.
  • Finalize a forecast of your wealth with a specific Investment Strategy you like

We believe that knowledge overcomes fear and emotions and leads to a clearly understood strategy and the ability to make rational adjustments as needed.