At Campbell Williams, Inc., our prospective clients range across a broad spectrum of knowledge of and experience with strategic planning and investing.

It is our responsibility to understand your current situation and your vision of the future so we can effectively guide you through the process of planning and managing your wealth – to achieve your financial and life goals.

A key step is to identify your current level of knowledge, so we can tailor our approach to your needs.



You are not familiar with detailed financial planning.

You have little real under- standing of how markets, managers and funds actually work.

If you have a broker/advisor, you don’t really understand enough about what they are doing.



You have done some budgeting or financial planning.

You have some understanding of how economies, markets, managers, and mutual funds actually work.

You have strategically picked some mutual funds or you give limited guidance  to a financial planner.



You are familiar with detailed financial planning and forecasting.

You have a reasonable understanding of how economies and markets work.

You would like to be a more active participant in discussions, planning & decision-making with your advisor – in a time-effective manner.