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The Emporium

As most great things do, The Emporium in Castle Rock, CO, began with a dream. Greg and Becky Boman’s was a high-end mall of merchants who would together both foster community, and give back to it. In 2012, the two interior designers created what has since grown to 50 diverse shops that — together in a building that covers the better part of a block — offer everything imaginable for a beautiful life. And, if that weren’t cool enough, for the Boman family, The E represents a way to support their community.

Castle Rock is a town of 60,000 just outside Denver, named for the castle tower-shaped butte near its town center. “The Emporium has become a real destination,” says the Retail Partner’s Rep, Christine Carroll, “where families and groups of girlfriends spend whole afternoons. It’s quite a marvel.”

“The E is a mall unlike any other,” son Cameron proudly explains. With his sister Elizabeth, he manages the operation to free their visionary parents. “With so many different merchants specializing in unique products,” Cameron says, “we like to say that The E is the optimal setting to furnish your imagination.” 🙂 In its 10,000 sq ft, you’ll find art, antiques, clothing, jewelry and a wide range of home décor. Notes Christine, “Greg being an interior designer, his standards are quite high for the quality of the merchants and their commitment to the look of the space. “Cameron and Elizabeth have created essentially a card shop near check-out,” Christine explains, “with nearly two dozen lines including Quotables, Shannon Martin, Oatmeal, Tree Free and Quilling Cards.” And, according to Greg, “Year after year, Cardthartic is our best seller.” (:-D “Christine is one of our best business partners,” Greg says. “I love how she manages our Cardthartic section so well — reordering and rearranging so our fixtures are constantly fresh and we never have to worry.” Christine’s take, “It makes me happy to help the Bomans grow their already-thriving business.”

Even more amazing than The Emporium’s shops and their eclectic range is how the Bomans see their highly successful enterprise as foremost “a vehicle to give back to the community.” This started with turning their tea room into Best Buddies Bakery & Café. “It’s run by adults with special needs,” explains Elizabeth. “These STARS (Specially Talented Adults Raising Standards) make sure customers always have a smile on their face!”

When asked what one piece of advice he might give to retailers struggling to make their way, Cameron says it would be, “Just be patient and enjoy the process. When times get difficult, take a second to simply breathe and just find happiness. Finding moments to breathe and smile is key.” It does seem to be the Boman way.

By Hand, Ink