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A little thoughtfulness goes a long way

JAN 25, 2018 – Truth-be-told, I’ve never sent a Feel Better card to someone who had a bad cold or the flu. I’ve just always held them for when someone had something more serious going on. Well, having been down & out with the nastiest sinus infection ever these past few days, I’m changing my ways!

Yesterday, when I was able to stand and leave my personal pity party long enough to go walk my poor dog, I opened the front door and found a can of hearty chicken soup and a card!  My thoughtful friend and neighbor, Candy, had written, “Get well soon.  It scares us mere mortals to have Wonder Woman sick.”  With that sweet and simple gesture, she gave me a much-needed smile, warmed my heart, and fed me body & soul. 🙂

I shared Candy’s clever little pick-me-up idea with our Creative Director Val Sebring, so she could forward it to you.  No telling how many of your family members, friends and colleagues could use a dose of Candy’s great medicine now and in the contagious weeks ahead. Stay well, Cardies.

~ jodee stevens
founder & chief creative
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