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MAR 01, 2018 – Two years ago on my birthday, we distributed this eblast full of wonderful wisdom on graceful aging from my 94-year-old friend and mentor Hannlis. In response, we heard from Retail Partner Megan Stockton, who owns Gifted in Lake Forest, IL. “What a lovely message,” wrote Megan. “Thanks for sharing and hope your birthday is wonderful. It sounds like you already understand the blessing of every day!”  As so often happens with eloquent Cardies, a bit of back and forth, and Megan’s message became this now top-selling card.

This birthday, I want to simply share a favorite poem. Now a little tattered around the edges (as am I 🙂 the printed piece has been tucked in my desk’s top drawer for decades. Every so often, I pull it out and read it because, well, you’ll see. As Megan reminds us, it’s all about seeing the blessings. Thank you, Cardies, for the privilege of seeing that kindness and consideration are alive and well in you every day.
~ jodee stevens
founder & chief creative
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