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“Good Medicine” Cards

FEB 10, 2018 – This card’s inside message closes with, “Wishing you up and around again very soon.” Now, not to beat a dead tissue box (of which I have 14) but here is another eblast about how much receiving a short and sweet Feel Better card would be appreciated by the cold & flu sufferers in your world. With the right card, you need only sign your name (and therefore dispense with the well-intentioned advice that so many people are dispensing, and long-suffering sick people soon tire of hearing. :)This past week I finally started to get some energy back after spending the previous two feeling like nothing more than a flat-out mucus-making machine. (Sorry, tmi.) How I loved opening uplifting cards rather than more emails asking “have you tried this, that, and how about the other thing?” Don’t get me wrong, I love and so appreciate my friends and their good energy and wise counsel; I’m just thinking I would have lived without input like the string of selfies from sweet Ross picturing key “Acupressure Points for Cough Relief” (fyi, under the collar bone and inside elbow (:-)

Then there was the e from good-hearted acupuncturist Nancy, who wrote, “I’m sending over some herbs that should be steeped in hot water and sipped like tea. They are made from crushed twigs and tree bark, and taste like it.” Goodie! But, at that point, I’d have tried anything. Hehe, I forwarded that e to a friend who wrote back, “Whatever works! Though you might have more success with this if you were a beaver.”

In my experience, sometime between the 11th person who offers to bring you homemade chicken soup, and hoping to never taste a cherry-flavored anything again, you become a shut-in who wants to shut out all advice, no matter how helpful or well-meaning. Although … last night while trying to unlock my lumbar, massage therapist Lily did instruct me, “When you must cough lying down (vs sitting up) either raise your knees with feet flat, or roll on your side to ease the pressure on your back.” Otherwise, the spasms in your diaphragm from so much coughing pull the spine in and lock the back. Ouch.

Ugh, see, now I’m doing it — tossing tips out there in hopes of sparing someone else the yuckiness!  Just sign your name.  And be well, Cardies, be well.

~ jodee stevens
founder & chief creative
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