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Let’s Keep Smiling

JAN 12, 2018 – What say we end this week with a message made to stick: Attitude Is Everything. It’s on the fiesty little magnet I chose to take to my muse Hannlis, who is now holding her own in rehab after breaking her hip.

I find myself writing about this 94-year-old marvel so often because she has the most amazingly positive attitude of anyone I’ve ever known. When the rest of us would grouse, groan or give up, she somehow always finds the bright side — through colon cancer three years ago and pneumonia last year, she just joyfully rebounds and motors on. Her attitude is so astounding at times that those of us who know her can’t help but step back and consider our own.

Like last week, when she was still in the hospital, we were discussing her pending move to the rehab facility. There she was — a feeding tube in her tummy and still unable to move — saying, “You know, Villa Maria has very beautiful landscaping.” When friend Naomi brought her a mason jar filled with sand and shells from Hannlis’ beloved beach, what did she do with it: Bicept curls!  “Gotta keep moving!” said the wise former physical therapist.

So yesterday, along with the magnet, I took Hannlis the rose-colored glasses, and in a card penned, “Thanks for inspiring us to look at the world as you do. Your great attitude will see you through.”  She chuckled and said, “Oh, I’m not sure everyone would appreciate my attitude!”  Then she went on to explain that, “Early this morning, when I was asked the standard memory question, ‘Who is President?’ I couldn’t help myself. I said, ‘May I just tell you who I wish wasn’t?'”

Keep smiling, she always reminds us, after nine plus decades of doing just that. And treat everyone with respect and great decency. “Even if I’m not in a position to see it right now, I know it’s a beautiful world out there!” Good attitude. Let’s pass it on!

~ jodee stevens
founder & chief creative


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