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Spreading the Love

MAR 28, 2018 – How you doing? Are you feeling duly appreciated here at mid-week? I was recently reminded of how good it is to step back and say a heartfelt, “I appreciate you,” and thought I’d share with you.

Sunday morning, I walked in to my little apartment building’s hibiscus-covered courtyard from the ocean side, just as my neighbor Chris happened in from the street end, and we met mid-way in a big hug. We laughed at how crazy it is that, with only a dozen people living in such a neighborly place, we can go weeks without ever laying eyes on each other! We caught up on how he and his wife Patty are enjoying their baby, born a whole eight months ago now. And Chris just happened to mention that it’s been ages since he’d caught a whiff of his favorite brownies baking up in my place. 🙂

After confirming that, “Yep, we’re all doing well!” Chris and I turned to go our separate ways. I’d taken only a few steps when he called, “Hey, Jodee …” As I turned to face him, he said, “We love you.” Awh, how sweet is that?!? I thought, what a good-hearted man he is, and walked back with another hug and a most sincere, “I love you guys, too.”

Our exchange lasted just a few minutes and, I have no doubt, will stay with me for the rest of my days. Thinking back on it again yesterday brought to mind this new card that, in all its goofy glory, manages to speak volumes. Inside it reads, “I wuv you.”

Just wishing you your own Chris – or more than a few – and a heart as ready, willing and able as his. Cardies, we appreciate you.


Love Conquers All