Needless to say, life gives us so many good reasons to worry … my friend Mary awaits a second scary biopsy report; my friend Candy’s beloved goddaughter starts her third round of chemo, at age 30. And our CAO, Ana Behm, has close family living in the turmoil of Venezuela, where a tube of toothpaste will cost them $40 on the black market. Now, no greeting card is going to change the world’s worries, no matter how well-meaning. But if it can remind our loved ones that they’re indeed loved and supported, hey, let’s go!
The Worry Dolls’ inside message reads, “No worries. They’ve got this.” It was an email from a die-hard cardie named Ann that prompted us to share the design with you today … Ann wrote, “I want to send myself the Worry Dolls card about twice a week! You created it for me and didn’t even know it! But one of the copies I ordered carefully resides in my bedside table so, hmm, I guess I have sent it to myself :)”
Like Ann, I’m a worrier, from a long line of worriers. I remember years ago reading that scientists had found that it’s worry – more than grief and sadness – that leads to depression. Apparently, researchers filled a large aquarium divided in the center by a clear partition with tiny fish in one side and, one by one over time, introduced much larger fish in the other. All the while they somehow measured the brain waves of the tiny fish, who of course knew nothing of “clear partitions.” They found that, the longer the tiny fish lived with the increasing concern of being someone’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, the more depressed they became.
Hehe, now I’m beginning to worry that this story is becoming too depressing! This is all to say, if you have a moment today, maybe consider the worries that keep your friends and family up at night, and perhaps reach out with a little moral support if you have some to spare. At Cardthartic, we so firmly believe in the sweet power of a good card that we’ll drop a FREE Worry Doll into every order you place before June 20th. For a little moral support goes a long way! I know it felt good to hear our yoga instructor Paola’s new mantra: “Trust & Surrender.” And, without even knowing that I’d be writing this post, my friend Susan recently sent me one of her favorite Bible verses, Philippians 4:6, “Do not be anxious about anything but, in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
No worries. Together, we’ve all got this.

~ jodee stevens
founder & creative director