Building Foundations: Marketing Lincoln Road in the 21st Century

Lincoln Road is one of the pre-eminent shopping districts in the world. Our goal is to build a long-term, sustainable marketing campaign to bring the Lincoln Road brand alive in the region. Our campaign will deliver foot-traffic, audience engagement online and offline, and solid metrics for planning, remarketing and creating impact in the years to come.

Who We Are

Studio Two has been providing award-winning brand development, marketing strategy, graphic design, web design and website management to organizations throughout North America since 1994. Studio Two currently manages over 320 websites for organizations and institutions. The Studio has a particular focus and expertise on the needs of non-profits. Client organizations include leading cultural groups (theaters and museums), regional economic development organizations, mission-driven charities, and educational organizations. For more information or to contact us please visit our family of sites via the buttons below.
Brand Awareness
Lincoln Road needs to implement a consistent and sustainable market presence across multiple channels. This marketing presence should be considered a core requirement and should run year-round. An effective brand campaign must be consistent across media and time, must reach audience across a variety of overlapping channels, and should be analyzed and optimized on a quarterly basis. The following points should be implemented:


  • Online Marketing
  • Outdoor/Transit advertising
  • Social Media
  • Web Sites
  • Collateral (print) Support
  • Vacant Storefront Covers
Event Marketing
A significant focus of the LRBID going forward will be creating specific events designed to attract local and regional visitors on a regular basis. These events will include recurring events (Yoga, Farmer’ Market) and one-time or seasonal events (Halloween, tie-in event at New World Symphony). The primary task of this element will be the development and growth of persistent channels for audience engagement.


  • Online Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Calendars
  • Websites
  • Direct Mail
  • Surveys
  • Content Development
  • Consulting

Creating Synergy – Developing the Lincoln Road Brand message

The brand expression of Lincoln Road needs to be updated to create more connections between affiliated partners – these include the retail stores, restaurants, cultural organizations, and other invested parties. As a destination, Lincoln Road offers a healthy mix of experiences for the visitor. Visitation trends to cultural organizations – of which Lincoln Road could be considered one – point to the positive effects of synergy in driving traffic. This article by Colleen Dilenschneider lays out this issue in a clear, data supported article. The basic gist is – People don’t go out to do one thing – it’s “dinner and movie” or “let’s get drinks after the concert” – Lincoln road needs to position itself as the center of this synergistic relationship.

This will take action on a number of levels. Updating the branding and messaging is a fist step. There needs to be a clear articulation of a “vision” for Lincoln Road as the connector between related experiences. The partner organizations need to get on board as well and operate in concert with one another – special dining offers for symphony ticket holders – working with fitness retailers and farmer’s market on promoting a healthy lifestyle, with the Road at the center. Creating experiences and creative place-making to build relevant, local events and installations that integrate the partners.