Offline advertising has grown in sophistication in order to compete with the spectacular metrics of online ads. Today’s media outlets provide highly accurate figures for impressions and the integration of mobile technologies to target geo-located customers.

For retail properties, outdoor advertising (billboards, kiosks, bus wraps and more) remain highly effective properties for delivering brand awareness and foot traffic. Consistent use of outdoor placements will, over time, significantly increase audience awareness of your brand.

Other traditional advertising channels we are considering include direct mail campaigns via the US Postal Service “Every Door Direct” system which can be leveraged for local targeting and special, seasonal offers.

An example estimate for an outdoor campaign with EDDM would be as follows:

  • Biscayne Trolley Wrap (page 10) – 1 month  – 2,468,518 impressions.
  • Kongs Bus banners BEACH only (3 buses) 1 month – 450,000 impressions
  • Mobile Device Geo-Fencing – 1 month  – 250,000 impressions
  • EDDM targeting Miami Beach south of I-195 – 5,000 addresses
TOTAL  3,168,000  impressions
For comparison purposes – a billboard on I-195 in the Design District that faces Eastbound traffic (people heading to the Beach) – would net 2,295,592 impressions/month.