Online Advertising and (SEM – Search Engine Marketing) offers numerous potential placements and targeting methods. Advertising online provides numerous benefits – it shows up where people are – on the web and their phones – it can be highly targeted and remarketed to audiences – and it provides excellent data and reporting.
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Targeted Placements are possible – leading sites around the region participate in the adwords display network allowing advertisers to bid for prime placements.
Graphic ads with animation in multiple sizes – ads can incorporate video, animated graphics, slideshows and action links – to visit a website, make a call, or sign up.
Context targeting (dining, shopping, etc.) – Ads can be targeted by interests and will show contextually against similar content.

Advertising on social media is most effective when done using “boosted” posts or content – this shows in the targeted user’s normal feed and allows for engagement, offers, and links, as well as robust tracking and metrics.

Social posts hit people where they are – on their phones.
Sharing partner content, sales, special offers and more is quick and easy – creating a boosted post can take just a few minutes.
Paid social ads and boosted posts can be hyper-targeted for short-term impact and tracking.

Sample screenshot of a “boosted” post ad targeting settings.

Target ads accurately to increase quality engagement.
Get immediate insights into the size of your potential audience.
Exclude audiences to increase accuracy.