Getting (more) Social

Social media has an important role to play for building connected audiences. This role should not be over-emphasized though – the nature of visitation to Lincoln Road is that it is always going to be a mix of repeat, local audience as well as tourists and occasional visitors. These groups will be looking at social media as a tool for gauging their investment of time. Social Media channels should be approached with a strategic mix of event messaging, local flavor, and persistent brand awareness.

Growing Audiences

Growing audiences on social media requires strategy and engagement. Through focused use of contests, engagement with influencers, and paid placements wocial media audiences can be grown substantially, increasing your brand reach.

Boosting Partners

Engaging with your tenant brands and sharing/resharing their content connects audiences to your message powerfully.

Marketing Events

Event marketing is made for social – building a solid event calendaring system that posts automatically across platforms will enhance participation and reduce management time.

Creating Shares

Create opportunities for viral sharing of your location through the use of installations and landmarks.

Site-specific installations should be considered to bring excitement and social engagement to Lincoln Road. Interactive display, kiosks, installations in empty storefronts – creating a visually rich interactive environment can stimulate sharing and visibility.

People on social like to see and be seen – Miami is a world-class destination – creating experiences and environments that promote sharing will expand our reach significantly.